Just got Kurungabba V.1 N.3 through the mail. 

Neil block printed a hard-copy of the left ventricle, bottom two are copies of gratitude and ashafine that he inked. Some of the block prints Neil is making are incredible, keep an eye out.

A sweet little peeler, taken by Burt of Fluid Juice, lookin forward to long spring days 

Church and urn. 
Original acrylic, chalk and pencil on A3 paper.  Framed £150 Unframed £120. 

There is a plan to hold a surf buy/swap/sell meet at St Merryn Hall. On Sat. February 21st, at the next community market, the plan is for people to bring along their old surfing stuff to sell, barter and swap with each other. If you are in the area or live close by, it should be pretty interesting and a good chance to meet up and shoot the breeze. So come along with a bag full of old wetties, fins, boards, suits, mags, books, photos whatever. 

It'll be your typical informal surfing fair. 

I'm selling a couple boards on MSW. Check it: fish and bonzer

Any shapers out there fancy trying this out and doing a story about it, give me a shout. 

a really old shot with a broken kamera. This set me thinking about Revolver. UK surfing needs another Revolver I think. 

super grom contemplates years of cross-stepping

I got this book from here, it's great

this got me
A Simmons en Afrique


ten five feet of glide

The light of various senses


We proceeded to Paris, France

In convoy

Me watching you watching me

You spent a lot, I did too

Because it seemed that time was running out

And it was the only

Thing to do


In an alleyway of cobblestones and

Artistic sensibilities

At the very doors of a fine establishment

Somewhere between caffeine and a glance

We met

A madman, who, amid lifts of his crutch, said:

“Ever read Kafka at four in the morning?

Chain-smoking and wishing

Your head wouldn’t hurt?”


The shades of the day snapped

Belted by simple

Star-gazing, and meandering


Thoughts to match up and intertwine

Procreate and unravel

I stole a glimpse at us

As we approached

A parked car


Gave thanks

For the fire we had,

As embers

Got caught in my throat


Later in that endless journey

In a roadside café

I came across graffiti

“I love Kafka”

Someone had scrawled


In black marker, superseding it

“But Sex is Better”

New blank for another new year