amateur graffiti

Neil Erskine Woodcut Print from Padstow Fine Art.  His art is really beautiful to behold, everything from huge canvases to surfboards to micro block prints.

Been doing these little sketchtings... 

spot x... so secret it's upside down

Fishes from 5'10'' to 10'5''. I was climbing around in the trees in the garden on my lunchbreak because I hadn't climbed a tree for years, and the sun was scalping the trees as it went over and bathing the garden in light. I was up there in the limbs trying to balance a land camera when one of the dogs scrambled up there with me. Dogs can actually climb trees pretty well, though cats get all the glory.  

Almost time for the seeds to start sprouting. Check the Barefoot Grower for more progress. Kinda sad story with a funny ending. We dug a little polytunnel pond to try and encourage some frogs in to eat the slugs. Anna brought back frogspawn and it hatched into maybe fifty tadpoles. The other night they had all disappeared and Anna got a shock when a newt came up from the bottom looking pretty well fed. We were really sad and had long discussions about nature taking its course, etc. Next day, the tadpoles were all back, happy as Larry. Seems they know somewhere to hide when the newt gets loose. Hopefully they'll get too big for the newt to eat before he culls em all. 

Rail templates

DVS - The sign on the wall reads:
 'You keep asking about the future of surfing. To know the future you must understand the past is the past." 

mindandsurf - Erskine on a hull

by Ryan Heywood

S.A.D (Spectral Analogue Dysfunction) winter blues zine.

Ireland triptych [september project unsubmitted]

Selling a few boards:

6'6'' MC bonzer 3 step-up 250
7'3'' MC bonzer 5 egg 250
6'4'' bro traditional fish 200ish
10'6'' FJ triple-stringer glider 400ish

Give me a bell if you are keen or want pics. 

John just got a stack of film back. Keep checkin 
for the scans, of which one below: