road trip quiver 

Greg and Kinna's house


the quarry

cells from the art show the other night. No idea how it went as I had a ferry to catch. The KooK is the name of a surfing newspaper due for release this summer. In advance, I would like to thank all sorts of underground contributors for turning over work to an untested concept, graciously and with no payment. The KooK will be available online and from a few bays and shops, limited-edition. Watch this space.

Elsie from Neon made me some ace board socks which I took a shit polaroid of. Look out for Neon.  

Still by Dave Homcy 

The *

Saturday 23rd May at St Merryn Village Hall
Doors 7 film 8 close 9.30ish
£5 on the door goes to charity
featuring artwork by jim, john, seamouse, me
music (I think) by the Janner 1 - Nick Radford
byo poison

I covered a lot of ground this weekend. I slept twice, once in a town car park and once on the driveway of a ruined gorse-mill. I read four pages of Suttree. I was greeted twice in a language I didn't understand and could only respond by grinning. I surfed three left points I never knew existed, one tiny, one windy, one perfect.  I ran a red light on a pedestrian crossing right in front of a policeman who wagged his finger and smiled. I rode a fish, a longfish and an even longer fish. I bought four 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps and walked awkwardly along cobblestone shores. I didn't go right once. I caught my dogs licking a decomposed eel. Why is this important? Sometimes what you are looking for is right under your nose. 

Taff took this shot of the ape. Taff shoots great polaroids and has lost his legendary cat Ludo

Inside the Stepper


The horizon painted sudden dark

Beyond the hallows; Doom Bar

The treachery a siren call

To watch the wane of springs


Teeth of Greenaway afright

And tease the naïve mariner

Then cast around the point itself

The sweep of supple webs


From end to end the Fishing Cove

Cautious for the catch-rock suck

Understudies clutching estuary sand

Salutes neath shadows of the mound