This spruce young gentleman just flew straight into my office and knocked himself out.

anna in the tunnel, renegade sheep in the garden. Carpark is chaos, summer is here.

Easky, co. Sligo


Features tangled rootstock seedlings,

From nostrils, ears, mouth and nose

Pour saplings eager, ever probing

Sticks coil tearing symmetry

A mighty oak the trunk, the heart a mass

Of twisting knots and burled bark

That cloaks the whole in musty drought

The face a pinion for the throng

Oh, what horror, they are overcome

For a grove springs forth from every hole

And what was human now presents

A moustache of leaves and beard stained green

Eyes framed of roots, ears pierced with boughs

The main man Mr. Tom Jones is scoring it in New Zealand right now.

Fin with one of his first shapes. The paragraph starts: 'how to bake a surfboard'

I got Kurungabaa through the post this morning. Read Kurungabaa, it is good for you and good for surfing.

some gems from the 2002 >50kb archive