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Sam sent me this dream brief. I particularly like: "'I leave it in your capable hands to do what ever you want."

One morning fair I took the air
That hung about black waterside

It's a rare thing to not see another soul, let alone a surfer, during the early session. Overhead lefts, dogs on the beach, sun creeping out of the east, I'm not sure life gets much better. Leaves one feeling a little less like this:

Hello autumn

Some time ago I asked a bunch of surfers to contribute to a newspaper project. I've been battling a growing disinterest in surfing culture, full-on work and a rather decent run of swell. In the next week I'll be sending out a draft to all contributers to approve, I will then try and figure out what to sell to finance printing (a dog perhaps) and move to print as soon as possible. Independent publishing 1.) takes a long time and 2.) loses money hand over foot. I'd like to thank all of the contributors for their patience, good valour and alternative approach to surfing.

(The spreads above are intentionally zero resolution and only serve to give the very broadest idea of the project)

What really happened to Was Samuels paid off? Was he knocked off? Why did this apparently educated journalist spell his final post title epilouge? Maybe he just found out that the surf industry is made and managed by egocentric bores and committed hara-kiri after realising his attempts to shake things up wouldn't penetrate the neanderthal skulls of his audience. Maybe he just ran dry...


-- En route

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