If the quality of a shot is reckoned on making you want to go seek, this caps it for me. Imagine bodysurfing that thing.

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Remark from the gutter:

‘How ‘bout, half past never?’

Downtrodden, trodden down with gunblack boots. Trampled into,

Gum residue. Stiff like a good collar under a good suit.

Hollow abscess horror. Rib sticking. Sucking flesh:

Ersatz real. Broken like bad china skin peel.

Frieze at the ministry

This church, neglected church.

Acid scars, cardboard bedheads for the gloom. Stuffed into,

Dirty tins. Showered with the binjuice of the loom.

Old Harry on his shoulder like a parrot stuffed.

Acid scars. Eyes jagged like bust dodgem cars.

Fingers light in poverty

Fingered by silver, gold

Sold flesh, hand of Harry chokes his neck like a collar. Blueblack horror,

Paving cracks. The moralizer accompanies through cut throat.

And the old goat steps in front of the number nine.

Paving cracks. I never caught his name in time.

The Tube is a place of true freedom

- Shaun Tompson, Surfer's Journal 16, 2

200 posts...

21 days straight, thank f*^k for winter

The colour of air

Is it worthwhile to wish the world
To be less nefarious, less abrupt?
To call up some cradle
Some garish blanket
Under which to hunker
Genuflecting to the dust

Is it futile to call for peace
To ask for less perversion, less crime?
To climb some multifoliate bough
Some blessed trunk
From which to gesture
Idle handshapes at the fog

Is it wrong to make an inquiry
To outline our vile hypocrisy?
To conjure up some silken veil
Some obdurate cloak
Behind which to linger
Glorious corpses in denial

Is it habit now to abrogate the truth
To deal in misnomers, outright lies?
To weave some slippery rope
Double noose the knot
Dangle twitching by the throat
Last words hyperbole

Are we too soft to rot in comfort?
To eat maggoty meat, offal rich
To build some fecund palace
Some place of reckoning
From high slit windows pass
Our judgement upon the earth

Is it too late to clamour for salvation
To cut the bindings, the shackles lift?
To hide in some awful cell
Some windowless jail
Mad cackles from a corner
Rocking gently back and forth

I have a few of these framed photos knocking about and no space.

£5 each or £20 for the cluster, plus a few quid postage.

'Forest Afloat' - From the 'Wildering' series of paintings.

For sale framed at the price of £100.

If you are interested, please contact me via email.

I'll miss you

More painting soon, more words, less waves.

Switch-foot II is out now and includes 15 pages of writing by me with photos by John Eldridge

My goal right now is to stop seeking perfection and finish this book.