For some years now I've been working on a series of novels. These stories confront contemporary issues such as genocide, extremism, the power of the Internet, modernising society and what is lost, and much more.

The next stage for me is to finish these frameworks and start trying to get my writing out into the wider world. If anyone who reads this blog has any contacts with literary agents, authors or publishers and could help me, please get in touch.

To represent my work I've bought a domain and, with some expert assistance, denial crackedit will be launched soon.

Becoming a bit caught up in fiction, The Kook has slowed down. After a major makeover by Alex @ A-side, we'll be ready to print in early 2010. We got some samples in, and they look epic. I've just got to launch him some files tomorrow and we'll be rolling. Watch this space...

Wishing you the best of luck and waves for 2010,