Something I can definitely relate to

Blind Tiger (Unfinished)

The room inhales
Like some flimsy
Pop culture refrence to cocaine
Gellid gloom under
Rose glow
And stardom dreams
Fractured brains
Entrained to desecrate
The vanity of names
Vice reams, echoed coughs
Of hollow laughter
Impregnate the stagnant air
And, in answer
Glaucomic eyes but stare

Ollie has a new film, board and rider, strike fast.

Limited-edition run of Without Thought coming soon.

It's been fairly relentless

SM shark fest, feet up, stealth paddle.

Due to popular demand I'm gonna bring back the ability to buy the KooK here. Because I'm on the road in America orders will be a little less frequently dispatched, just once per week. Please use the dropdown menu at right to buy the KooK. The postage cost varies if you are in the UK, the EU or outside the EU, so please use the right option.

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Clenched claws on arboretum boughs
Nails like picket lines
In this mist
Chattails drawing bark scribes
Assault dendritic
Spilled shavings
Bodies round amongst the canopy dense
A cacophony of sound
Kid capers beneath
Baretoothed panic

UK kooks no longer available through this blog.

Alex Rowse of A-side in Falmouth has copies. Without Alex, Kook would have never made it into being. He brings decades of design experience to the table...

Looking forward to a little launch party in the summer in Cornwall and a showing of Without Thought...

America here we come! Panhandling kooks for gas money.