The good photo in this is someone (Steve England maybe?) getting shacked at Porthleven. It was taken by John Eldridge. I borrowed a slide film off John on a Hebrides/Thurso/Orkneys trip. The other right is full-bore Thurso in the early morning. We had to nail it to the airport straight after surfing so were on it pre-dawn. Chris Noble came past in the dark whilst we suiting up, quiet as a mouse. It was amazing to see his level of understanding with the wave. John got one of the prettiest backhand barrels I've ever seen on this day, I'd just kicked out and he was buried right from the takeoff past me into the river. I took the snap of Thurso as we turned the van around to go, haven't surfed it since.

Materials for a group show in Falmouth 2007

Best six minutes in front of a screen in a while, watch in 720

Priority reads from the ever-growing bedside stack

Musing upon the second KooK

Over the next month we'll be contacting people whose work we value and wish to see.

If you would like to submit to the kook, please dig out the email address on the right and send art, stories, poems, photography, illustration, recipes, directions to secret waves, sizeable cash donations, that kind of thing.

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There was a time when we sat

Upon the stumps of youth

About the roaring fires of night


Shared conversation and destroyed

Critical faculties

There was repetition in the verse

A forwards-backwards

Rhythm of destruction

As bludgeoned brains

Gently unravelled

So much wasted beauty

So many near-travelled dreams

The fucked and un-fucked ebbing

Of decisions

But do not judge the jury

Or cry derision

For what is shared between

Engorged pupils and the

Failing mind

Is much more than fun

There’s a hope there

That the stumps may seed

And the wounds heal

That love replaces greed

And dreams become real

funklin trooserbelt

Hey what's this?

Hmmm, there's a hint

Cheers cus!

Union street urban orchard

Seriously abstract French dudes


Without Thought available now... First 30 copies come numbered with print. I think this documentary touches on the true beauty of the surfing experience and why we do it.

Filmed and edited by Ollie Banks, from a concept and interview by Dan Crockett and John Eldridge.

Buy now from:

Gratitude 06. This was a real attempt to transcribe how it felt to surf. I guess it remains my most experimental surf writing so far.