Just another diamond day



The heresiarch
Lunges at lioneyed sun
And roars -
How can you treat me thus?
Beraged, the god spectacular
Swivels macular
Burns pupils black
The doubtful
Life navigator
Stirs his pockets
Reaches for
Alternate eyeballs
Where the need
For deities?

Midnight in Soho, blood

Gold Panda: Quitters Raga from Brilliantly Different on Vimeo.

The intention of the guy who made this was to show Autumn going by too fast. I think it works perfectly.

WAVES BREAKING ON SHORELINE, Southwold, Suffolk, 2008

My brother-in-law makes all sorts of art. I thought this one would speak to a certain type of surfer.

One of my favourite places in London. The jars are all of the kit needed to make seed bombs. These all-in-one grow kits are then used in guerrila gardening. This place shuts on 19th September I think, so check it soon.