*reclaimed development series #001

sold! to the man in blue

Small globe... KooKs have been dispatched to

The Netherlands
New Zealand

Barber sign friction-free 5'10'' by Royal for John

KooK by Pablo

KooK, distributed by Tristero

*Photo courtesy Commander Eldridge, scrawl by Oliver Shortland, Madrips guitarist. Check them Madrips out.

Autumn/Winter KooK in the making...

*If you have ordered a KooK and not received it, please let me know and I will do my best to make amends.

*'Cheryl: I will meet Ashley' by Friend of Mine

Well, it's been a few weeks now since the launch of KooK, which is definitely not the first UK surfing newspaper as I saw on one blog. I've been running the independent publishing gamut, profiting enormously and blowing the proceeds on the finest Columbian marching powder.

Massive gratitude and kudos to the contributors, who make the KooK entirely what it is. If you contributed and don't have one yet, please get in touch with me and I will get one in the mail directly, as they say in Cornwall. Hopefully we can keep this thing rolling and do Winter 2010.

*screenshots from footage by Ollie Banks

After ten years or so in the making, Without Thought is a collaborative ten-minute documentary between Ollie Banks, John Eldridge and myself.

Without Thought features narrative about the flow state and peak experience by Dr. Richard Moss, and surfing by Mark Dickinson.

We are currently looking into doing a limited edition run of DVDs. If you'd like one please shout.

Stoked by the response! Post Office think I'm insane. This KooK is summer 2010. At this stage, we are planning a Winter 2010 issue.

All ordered KooKs sent. If you have ordered one and are worried because it hasn't arrived, please let me know. I am now out of the country for three days but will meet all KooK orders as swiftly as possible whilst away.

KooK design kingpin and hull maestro A.Rowse has KooKs in Cornwall
Rich @ Friend of Mine and John at Revolver are also packing if you want to save an envelope.

Wholesaling the KooK

We've had a number of enquiries about wholesaling the KooK. I'm happy to sell wholesale if your shop sells surfboards and wetsuits. For a wholesale price and shipping cost for quantities over ten please give me a shout.

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